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Lex Optimum is a team of professional lawyers performing their clients’ complex tasks. Our clients contact us when they have everyday business issues and in case of crisis situations. Our task is to help them get out of such situations and carry on business without losses.

Lex Optimum team is focused on working with European companies planning to enter the Russian market and advising Russian companies aiming to develop in Europe.

Based on the long-lasting experience of developing business in Europe and Russia, we are ready to offer our clients competent, relevant solutions to ensure their company’s safety and prosperity.

Services geography

We offer our clients face-to-face consultations for more effective interaction in the cities where our specialists have legal practice.

We are ready to offer our principals and clients assistance and advice face-to-face and independently of our offices’ locations. As a result, you will get professional services, even if there is no suitable specialist in your city.

Our expert knowledge and practice will help you to solve the problems that arise when your business enters a new market.
Guarantee of our work efficiency are as follows:

Unique experience

We know and understand the specifics of doing business in Europe. We know how to manage the difficulties that European entrepreneurs face when opening business in Russia. We are ready to help you overcome these difficulties meeting the legal boundaries of the state in which you plan to develop your project.

Attention to detail

We have a finger on the pulse. We constantly improve the qualifications of our employees; we absorb the experience of all our partners, monitor all changes in legislation and are ready to offer you relevant legal solutions.

Customized solutions

The solutions by the Lex Optimum team will perfectly suit your needs. After a thorough study of the situation and circumstances of the case, owing to long-lasting practice, we will offer solutions to your case, which will be most effective at minimum costs.


  • Complex legal support of business

    Any business at the very beginning requires special attention. We offer a complex approach to support your business by solving different tasks: from advising on the choice of the organizational and legal form of the enterprise at the registration stage to resolving the issues of cooperation with the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS RF).

  • Administrative law

    The inequality of the parties in the process is the special feature of administrative relations. Our goal is to protect our clients against possible claims from structures with administrative and legal powers.

  • Contract law

    Conclusion and performance of contracts is the basis for the stable operation of your business. We are ready to offer beginning-to-end support for contract work: drawing up of standard contracts, rules, and conditions for the provision of services (in the case of Offer and acceptance). Our specialists analyze the existing contracts of the organization for compliance with the requirements of the federal legislation of the Russian Federation and regulations thereunder, develop a set of contracts, incl. standard ones to be applied during activities of your enterprise.

  • Taxation law

    Meeting the requirements of tax legislation is a vital element of business stability. In the context of increasing complexity of tax management, our specialists provide complex solutions for the selection of an optimal tax scheme, the structuring of related parties, and analyze current practices to check if they comply with the tax legislation of the Russian Federation. Our recommendations will help you avoid significant fines and penalties, and also allow you to optimize the tax burden, resolve disputes with fiscal authorities while meeting the legal boundaries.

  • Customs law

    Most of the participants in foreign economic activity (FEA) face certain problems when fulfilling their obligations under international trade transactions. We will help you to challenge the customs ruling about adjustment of customs value; prepare a customs classification decision for the import of composite goods according to the unified code of the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of the Customs Union (TN VED TS); protect your trademark from gray imports by competitors; we will develop an optimal contract for foreign trade activities, that meets the requirements of customs authorities and allows you to be confident when defending your interests in the event of conflict situations.

  • Employment law

    Maintaining an optimal balance between the interests of the employer and employees is a fundamental task of any organization that aims to develop. Our company will help your business in this direction: development of standard labour contracts, employees’ handbooks, protection of organization’s confidential data, as well as a check of the personnel and accounting policies of the company for compliance with the requirements of the law on personal data.

  • Immigration law

    We offer you our assistance in obtaining permits to hire international specialists, arranging of invitations and work visas, temporary residence permits, obtaining accreditation for international personnel and much more.

  • Banking law

    We render consulting and legal services to professional participants of the financial market: banks, securities market participants, microlenders and Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NFI).
    Our professional competence includes: from licensing of banking activities and activities of microlenders, the operation of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NFI) to checking the opinion of the regulator on various issues that adjust the activities of participants in the financial market.
    For companies that conduct real business in several jurisdictions at the same time, the issues of banking legislation are particularly acute, since in the new geopolitical circumstances you should take into account possible sanctions restrictions.
    Knowledge and consideration of the rules of international banking law are also necessary if your company plans to use international financial instruments in its activities.
  • Accounting audit and compliance

    Audit of financial statements is a necessity when the company gets to a new level of business. The higher the reputation of your business is, the more shareholders participate in the company’s capital, the more responsibly the company shows to have the accurate financial reporting. Audit in our company is the optimal quality of services at reasonable prices.
    Thus, the due diligence of contract partners in accordance with the Federal Law No. 163 (FZ-163) and the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the formation of the required set of documents to confirm the good faith and the proper status of the contract partner will allow to avoid significant trouble on the part of fiscal authorities. Our services will allow you to use legal mechanisms for tax optimization meeting the legal boundaries.

  • Claim settlement and legal representation

    Claim settlement, drafting of standard regulations for handling claims, complaints, and defect claims. Representation in commercial (arbitration) courts and courts of general jurisdiction. Debt collection under contractual relations, work with the Federal Bailiff Service and debt collection agencies.


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